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How to become an IAS Officer through UPSC| Fees, Salary & Exam Details

Watch this important question answered: How to become an IAS Officer through UPSC? The video by The Urban Fight explains all UPSC related info including UPSC fees, salary and exam details for IAS officers in India.

Yes, being an IAS officer comes with a lot of perks. But…these are not the reasons why you should want to be one.

The only reason you should become an IAS officer is if you want to improve the lives of millions of Indians. See, waging Nationality wars is simple, which is why a lot of bored jobless people do it online. But getting to the position where you can do something for your Nation…that takes hard work. And I know you’ve got it. Which is why today I am going to tell you everything you need to know about becoming an IAS officer…


So in Today’s video, we are going to start by understanding…

1) Who are IAS officers and what do they do?
2) Eligibility Criteria for becoming an IAS Officer.
3) UPSC CSE Exam Details

4) Cost of becoming an IAS Officer

5) Salary and Career after you get selected

6) And in the end I’ll give you some bonus tips that will help you clear, what is possibly the toughest exam of our country.

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